Welcome to Delhi Public School

DPS Society Philosophy

Every child born brings along a proof of God's trust in Humanity, a child symbolizes ray of hope for sustenance og goodness and honesty on Earth. The focus of education in DPS Schools is to develop Good Citizens-doing so with a belief of "Service before Self"

Our Motto: Service Before Self

This means that we serve others willingly, graciously and selflessly. We shouldnot expect anything in return of our services, because there is greater pleasure in giving than in recieving. By serving others we serve God.

Education That Disseminates Truth

Scholarships of Rs. 12,000 Per Annum in Educational Fee for Children of Joint Familiy and Organ Donation and Full Scholarship To Children Of Defence Martyrs And CPMF

There is both spiritual and rational basis for the choice of 'seven steps'
paradigm in Indian Tradition and Culture. Quality itself contains seven letters.

The seven steps that are core to philosophy of DPS are:

  • Quest for Excellence
  • Understanding the Concept
  • Action - orientation
  • Learner - centric approach
  • Innovation for change
  • Training to build competencies
  • Year - round activity